Have you been thinking about visiting a cosmetic clinic to find out about how you can look younger or more rejuvenated?

Here is  a brief outline of what to expect at your consultation –

Before your visit, have a look at your face in the mirror and see if you can identify what it is that you are not happy with. Ask yourself, What are the things that bother me?  If you have several areas, try and establish what bothers you the most.

what to expect at your first visit at la nece anti ageing clinique

When you arrive at the clinic you will be asked to complete a registration form asking questions including your age, medical history and any previous treatments you may have had in the past.  It is also important for you to share if you have any allergies or general health issues.

When you sit down with the clinician, dont be worried, sit back and relax … this is your time !

Try to explain your areas of concern and outline what it is that bothers you the most .  Write down questions that you may have to help you remember at the consultation.

Good communication between you and your clinician is the key to getting the most out of cosmetic treatments. Make sure that you feel comfortable with the treatment plan and be open and honest about all your concerns. In that way, you can be sure that both you and your clinician are aiming to achieve the same results and that the overall outcome will be good.