Lips …. Gorgeous Lips

While full, smooth and well-defined lips are viewed as signs of femininity and beauty, not everyone is blessed with naturally beautiful lips.   In addition with age and sun exposure, lips usually grow thinner and less well defined.  But these days you can have those plump lips in less than an hour.  Lip enhancement procedures are becoming more and more popular and  can be a very beautiful and  rejuvenating feature …

All about lips

As well as plumping the lips, the surrounding area may be also be rejuvenated, including reducing the severity of smokers lines.

Restoring volume into the area between the top lip and the base of the nose is another treatment which can make a lovely difference.

All about lips

Other cosmetic procedures on the lip include enhancing the cupid’s bow and addressing issues such as downturned corners of the mouth.

The lips may take about 2 days to recover from any swelling or minor bruising.  The discomfort is minimal.