La Nece Anti Ageing Clinique Cairns and Palm Cove


Welcome to La Nece Anti Ageing Clinique !

At La Nece our aim is to slow down the ageing face, regaining some “freshness” and looking good for our age. Our belief is, whilst enhancing our features and softening our lines is a beautiful thing and can lead to increased levels of self confidence …. the important thing, we believe is that the line isn’t crossed, where we then head into the ‘plastic’ look. We aim to give you some years back by maintaining the volume, smoothness and youthfulness in your face, steering you through the process, so that you will always look like you !

Somewhere along the line we all develop facial lines and wrinkles – we look in the mirror one day and are not too pleased any more with what we see … due to age, stress or worry we have developed some lines and this can play havoc with our self esteem and confidence.

That frown getting you down?         Are you looking to regain some youthfulness in your face?     

  Just want to look a little “fresher” ?          Noticing some jowls ?        Forehead lines getting worse?  

Smoothen some lines you have noticed recently?       Would you like to restore the fullness of your cheeks or lips?

Does your look not reflect the person you are inside – downward lines appearing, mouth corners drooping, dark circles under your eyes?

La Nece is about giving back some years, smoothening and softening the lines, recreating lost volume as well as enhancing your natural beauty to give you a more youthful look and showing the world a happier you !

This increases your confidence which can play a big role in changing your outlook on life.