Denise Wolf   BNSC., DIP. BTH

Denise Wolf - Anti Ageing Expert

I started my career in the cosmetic / beauty industry in 1996 graduating from Madame Korner Beauty School in Hobart, Tasmania.  After relocating to Cairns in 2000, I graduated from James Cook University in 2006 with a Bachelor of Nursing Science.  In 2007 I commenced working as a Surgical Nurse at Cairns Base Hospital.  It was in 2009 where I found my niche as a Cosmetic Nurse, a role which I immensely enjoy.  Using anti-ageing techniques to change and improve a client’s outlook and confidence is most rewarding.  It is often the smallest of improvements that can dramatically change how we feel about ourselves.

I have had the opportunity over the years the study with some of the most well known and leading Cosmetic Doctors in Australia, Europe and the UK.  My aim is to leave you looking completely natural (no fish lips here) while enhancing  your beautiful features and having your friends say “your looking great” !

As there are many components to ageing, a combination of treatments can often be more effective than a single treatment in facial rejuvenation, providing a natural and balanced result.

Anti-wrinkle treatments may be used to correct forehead lines, frown lines and wrinkles that develop around the eyes and mouth.

Dermal fillers are used to correct deeper lines and folds, as well as to replace volume loss. A particular dermal filler, recently available in Australia, is used specifically to replace volume loss in areas such as the cheeks and chin.

I believe it is very important to spend quite some time discussing facial rejuvenation options with each client and to formulate an individual treatment plan and timeline to fit into your schedule and lifestyle.

I offer you a full FREE consultation to discuss your concerns and give you treatment options best suited to you.

Dr. Russell d’Scarlett    MBBS., FRACGP., FAARM., ABAARM


 Dr Russell graduated from the University of Western Australia in 1994. Following his internship and residency at Royal Perth Hospital he worked in private practice before moving to Cairns in 2002.  A fortuitous trip to the USA in 2007 led to the discovery of a passion for both internal and external antiageing medicine.  Training with leading experts in injectables in both Las Vegas and Chicago followed, along with completion of his Fellowship in Antiageing medicine with studies both in Chicago (A4M) and Melbourne (A5M).  Dr Russell has also  trained extensively in bio-identical hormone replacement with world leader Dr Thierry Hertoghe.  Why look just beautiful on the outside?

Dr Russell is married to Dorit and they have four beautiful children, the major source of his happiness!  In his spare time he likes to chase a small white ball around a paddock – you may know it as golf!  His other passions include travel, diving, squash, photography and playing the French horn.